Anse Lazio; Nature’s Best Kept Secret

by Alexandria Faure

Seychelles is word renown as the home of the Garden of Eden, the land of nature’s best kept secrets. On the north-western side of the island of Praslin, is a secret waiting to be discovered in a very unique way. Nestled within a crescent moonshaped cove, Anse Lazio’s clear turquoise waters adorn the shoreline, behind a backdrop of tall swaying coconut trees and giant granitic rocks that cascade along the white sands. (more…)

Six reasons to visit Seychelles

By Glynn Burridge

Seychelles’ natural beauty has fascinated travellers for centuries, but this archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean – many of which still slumber in their original, pristine state – offers more than just beaches (though they are a great place to start). From aquatic adventures to lip-tingling Creole cuisine, local writer Glynn Burridge reveals six reasons to visit this tropical paradise. (more…)