Anse Lazio; Nature’s Best Kept Secret

by Alexandria Faure

Seychelles is word renown as the home of the Garden of Eden, the land of nature’s best kept secrets. On the north-western side of the island of Praslin, is a secret waiting to be discovered in a very unique way. Nestled within a crescent moonshaped cove, Anse Lazio’s clear turquoise waters adorn the shoreline, behind a backdrop of tall swaying coconut trees and giant granitic rocks that cascade along the white sands.

Mahe has its fair share of alluring beaches, however just a short boat trip, plane or helicopter ride away is the eclectic Praslin. The photos of Anse Lazio all over the internet, as beautiful as they are, don’t compare to truly being there and taking barefoot strolls and swimming in the crystal-clear waters. The curving shape of the beach hidden in front of a lush jungle backdrop captivates the beachgoer, giving them a feeling of total seclusion, whilst the soothing white sands and the crystalline waters of different shades of blue shimmer under the sunshine.

It’s almost too much to take in, this could be nature’s best kept secret!

Aerial view of Anse Lazio. Photo courtesy STB – Jacquelin Moise. All rights reserved.

Praslin getaways are ideal for any holidaymaker, for the couple on their honeymoon or the family looking for aquatic adventure. The Honeymooners can enjoy barefoot strolls and some spectacular romantic sunset photo moments. For the active family, Anse Lazio could be the perfect beach day and Anse Lazio offers calm waters making it safe for children to lay and snorkel – exploring life under the water. Nature is still the ruling Queen in Seychelles and much of the land is left unspoiled. You won’t find any soaring hotel buildings on the shorelines or jet skis and boats that can ruin the view and the tranquillity of the beach. In fact, be prepared for a delightful experience of seeing tiny little fishes swimming around and a vibrant reef perfect for snorkelers. Although you may find a beach café and a nearby restaurant sheltered under the coconut trees, once you reach the sands of Anse Lazio you will be transported into a realm of serenity, being surrounded by the magnificence that nature can offer.

Divine and of its own kind, don’t embark on your return flight back home without spending a day at Anse Lazio and visiting Praslin. 15 minutes away on Air Seychelles and 60 minutes away on a scenic Cat Coco boat ride, Praslin is ready to welcome you with treasures that will take your breath away.

Anse Lazio. Photo courtesy Torsten Dickmann. All rights reserved.


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