Top 8 – Scuba diving spots around Mahé for beginners

by J. F.

With an exclusive economic zone of approximately 1.4 million km² and a climate of almost perpetual summer; the Seychelles is blessed with warm, aqua-blue waters and reefs that harbour many colorful species of reef fish and other marine life.  If you’re planning a holiday in the Seychelles, then diving should definitely be on your to-do list!


Tasting the four worlds of Seychellois Creole cuisine

by Alexandria Faure

Sitting on historically what was one of the greatest trade routes in the world, the Seychelles resides in the Indian Ocean where spices and all sorts of exquisite goods were traded in the waters revealing a Seychellois Kreol cuisine that remains today a rich reflection of the origins of those cultures and races involved in its creation. (more…)

Diving the Dream Islands of the Seychelles Archipelago

by Glynn Burridge

Two divers slice the pristine, crystal waters off the north-west coast of Mahé, principal island of the jewel of the Indian Ocean: the stunningly beautiful Seychelles Archipelago. What they are seeking lies some 40 metres beneath the ocean – the hull of an old fishing trawler, deliberately scuppered to provide a diving site in what is arguably one of the best kept secrets among the international diving fraternity: the amazing Seychelles diving experience. (more…)